"where have you gone?"

I'm not here anymore...

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I'm Haleigh Pleiad (aka Space Zinnia)!
I am an illustrator, creator of the webcomic Bigger Than You Think and a musician who works with vocal synths.

Usage Rules


Please do not reupload my artwork to any websites. Instead, please link back to the original posts, or use the share functions on the website I post my artwork on (such as reblogging on Tumblr).Please do not use my artwork in AMVs without asking permission.Using my artwork for headers, icons, backgrounds and whatnot is okay so long as you give me explicit credit and are not profiting off of it/using it for commercial purposes.Using my artwork for strictly personal use - such as lockscreens and desktop backgrounds - is okay.----
Please do not reupload my music to any websites. Instead, please link back to the original video.Feel free to use my music as background music (such as in speedpaints or blog playlists) so long as you give full credit back to me.Feel free to cover or make fanworks based off of my songs! (And maybe show me or tag me if you can.)

Please read this before following. Thank you.

Do not follow me, engage with my work, and/or join any communities/servers I run if any of the following applies to you, or you support the following.

You're a TERF / gender critical / gender abolitionistYou're a Nazi / alt rightYou're a pedophile / minor attracted personYou're a transmedicalist / truscumYou're anti-nonbinary / think nonbinary identities are invalidYou think asexual, aromantic, and other aspec identities are invalid